Starting back in September of 2011, I embarked on a volunteer programmer (DJ) journey at a Community Radio Station here in Maine (WERU-FM). To be a volunteer programmer, there is an orientation class (1 night) that you must attend first. Then you can go down and use the 2nd studio to play around (get used to the equipment) and put together a demo CD for the type of show you want to do. I was working with another person/friend (Jeff Ellis) who had a show already and was going down with him and filling in as his sub when needed.

The sub-pages of this section reflect that journey, as my radio name of Gavin of Brockton. From my start as a sub on the Tuesday 10PM show 2-hor of Northern Journeys (Jeff's show), into the Midnight 1-hour show of Other Music, which the two morphed into a 10PM 3-hour show of Musical Journeys when I took over the shows in January of 2013, This was later cut back to 2 hours from 10PM to Midnight.

I did Musical Journeys with my XYL (better half), Debbie with her Radio Name of Lady Anne Wyecliffe for about five years. After the 3 year, or so mark, we took on a new volunteer to the show Ed Lyon in which we alternated who did the show that week. We did like every other for a while and then migrated to once a month until Ed finally took over the show in 2016ish. He also changed its name in May of 2017 too Rhyme Nor Reason in the same time slot. That is where m/our journey, and these playlists end.

The playlists are on a site called Spinitron. Use Spinitron -- WERU Schedule/Playlist archive for direct access to WERU content, and in most cases the songs can be played there.

This site's page is an show index matrix, split into 3 month blocks (quarterly), of our shows with direct links to the spinitron playlist for that week's show, and if we did any recipes that week, links to those pages too.

We hope you enjoyed our shows and liked what you hear(d), and would consider supporting WERU during their pledge drives or even through the WERU Donate Page. Want to know what is going on in your area? Visit the WERU Community Calendar page. You can even submit your community event here.

Thank you and keep listening to WERU-FM on 89.9 in Blue Hill / Bangor Maine, or online at

WERU Community Radio. 89.9 Blue Hill / Bangor, Online at

WERU IS Listener Supported, Volunteer Powered, A Voice of Many Voices. -- Just remember -- WE ARE YOU!

WERU's streaming service is provided by Pacifica Service (icecast). Use that link to see/listen to any/all the stations they stream, or for direct WERU streams, choose your bit rate link below to listen in your browser.

Master spinitron show archive playlist indicies.

Have a Great Day!

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